Lentil Soup


Savory Mediterranean soup made with red lentils.



Creamy Middle Eastern dip made with chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini sauce. Served with pita.



Grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices.

Spanakopita Pies


5 mini triangles stuffed with spinach and feta cheese.

Olive Bread


Homemade Mediterranean bread with garlic butter spread, topped with artichokes, Greek olives, tomatoes, roasted red pepper, and feta cheese.

Starter Combo


Hummus, dolma, spanakopita, makdous, falafel & tabbouleh.

Fresh Salads



The classic Lebanese salad made with mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, pickles, Greek olives, served with olive oil lemon dressing with fresh herbs; topped with pita crisps and feta cheese. Additions: chicken ($3.50), gyro ($3.95), tilapia ($3.95), or salmon ($7.95).

Cashew Chicken Salad


Tender marinated chicken in a light curry dressing with cashews; served on a bed of lettuce.

Southwest Chicken Salad


Tender marinated chicken salad flavored with southwest spices. Topped with tortilla crisps and served on a bed of lettuce.

Chicken Wild Rice Salad


Tender marinated chicken mixed with wild rice in a creamy Italian dressing; served on a bed of lettuce.

Trio Chicken Salad


A combination of cashew chicken, southwest chicken, and wild rice chicken salads; served on a bed of lettuce.

Wraps & More

Wraps are served with french fries or side salad

Lamb Gyro Wrap


Spiced lamb kabab on flat pita. Topped with tomatoes, onions, and tahini sauce.

Falafel Gyro


A Mediterranean specialty! Vegetarian burger patties wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes, parsley, and tahini sauce.

BBQ Chicken Pita


Fresh chopped charcoal chicken wrapped in pita served with pickles and a mild spicy BBQ sauce.

Chicken Curry Ciabata


Tender steamed chicken in a curry sauce on ciabatta bread topped with tomato, onion, & melted provolone cheese.

Southwest Chicken Wrap


Mild spicy chicken in chipotle sauce. Wrapped in jalapeno tortilla.

Mediterranean Chicken Pizza


Topped with chicken, roasted red pepper, mushroom, tomatoes, onions, and a mix of cheese.

Chicken Shawarma


Middle Eastern BBQ chicken on a skewer, wrapped in pita bread with garlic sauce.

Beef Shawarma


Carved tender beef wrapped in pita bread with tahini sauce.

Chicken Gyro Wrap


Spiced chicken kabab on flat pita. Topped with tomatoes, onions, and tahini sauce.

Tilapia Gyro Wrap


Tilapia on flat pita. Topped with tomatoes, onions, and tahini sauce.

From the Grill

All platters are served with vermicelli rice, tabbouleh, and hummus.

Sesame Crusted Chicken


Tender grilled sesame-crusted chicken topped with a sesame glaze.

Mediterranean Chicken


Fresh marinated breast of chicken. Grilled and topped with garlic butter Sauce.

Chicken De-Lite


Healthy grilled breast of chicken topped with tomato concasse.

Beef Kabab


Filet of beef tenderloin grilled on a skewer and topped with tomato concasse.

Lamb Kabab


Spiced ground lamb on skewer, topped with tomato concasse.

Chicken Kabab


Tender pieces of chicken marinated with garlic lemon sauce grilled on a skewer.

Mixed Grill Kabab


A combination of chicken, beef, and lamb grilled on a skewer.

Shawarma Platter


Thinly sliced Middle Eastern BBQ chicken platter.

Sesame Crusted Tilapia


White Tilapia fish grilled with a sesame seed and herb crust.

Herb Crusted Salmon


Fresh grilled Alaskan Salmon with herb crust.


Four Cheese Gnocchi


Potato dumpling pasta served with four cheese sauce. Additions: chicken ($3.50) or salmon ($7.95)

Rigate Alfredo


Creamy Alfredo rigate pasta with mushrooms and leeks. Additions: chicken ($3.50) or salmon ($7.95)

Rigate Marinara


Rigate pasta with mushrooms and leeks in a zesty marinara sauce. Additions: chicken ($3.50) or salmon ($7.95)

Kids Menu

All kids meals come with fries, cake, and a beverage!

Kids Pasta


Rigate pasta with a choice of marinara or alfredo sauce.

Kids Pizza


Kids Kabab


Your choice of lamb, chicken, or beef kabab skewer.

Side Orders



Fresh parsley salad with tomatoes. Dressed with lemon and extra virgin olive oil.

Fattoush Salad


Vermicelli Rice


French Fries


Kabab Skewer


Beverages and Dessert

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea